Lots of headlines talk up the boom in used car prices. Not as highly publicized: IT asset remarketing is going strong, too. 

You may have seen the news — E-Scrap News reports now is the “perfect time” to capitalize on refurbishing and remarketing your electronic assets. Which assets are the best candidates for resale? And what factors have contributed to making conditions so favorable for asset remarketing right now?

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itad recycling


Recycling e waste is far from all we do. With total asset recovery services, we can help you take ITAD recycling to the next level. 

There’s more to e waste management than recycling. The key to recouping value is, of course, IT Asset Disposition.  Although you may know us as your electronics recycler, ITAD recycling is actually another area where Global Electronic Recycling shines. 

We typically don’t spend a lot of time directly promoting our own services, but sometimes you need to toot your own horn, right? 

The fact is we provide total asset recovery services for your surplus equipment inventory, manufactured parts, obsolete devices, and end-of-life IT equipment. We built our Global Asset Recovery Program to help you get the most out of your retired assets. Our win-win revenue sharing model means that after we perform necessary repairs, we sell the units through our resale channels and you get paid for the items sold. 

The best time for ITAD recycling is now

Coincidentally, asset remarketing is more lucrative than ever. The supply chain shortages have not only caused disruption, they have also resulted in increased demand for refurbished products (we’ll write more about this trend next week). Now is, in other words, an ideal time to capitalize on ITAD recycling. 

In summary, this is how easy it is to get started:

  • Schedule a pickup with GER for your surplus inventory, obsolete, or end-of-life IT equipment 
  • GER tests and repairs the devices, and sanitizes all data 
  • GER leverages its retail and bulk sales channels to sell the devices for the best possible price 
  • You get a detailed report of devices sold, including a certificate of data erasure for data-bearing devices 
  • We send your company its share of the revenue from the sale of the devices 

Now, let’s look at each of these steps in more detail. 

Schedule a pickup

We wrote as recently as last week about the ins and outs of pickup day. A key feature of the pickup process is our intuitive request pickup form. It allows you to specify exactly what assets you are looking to part with and it helps us prepare to make the pickup as swift as possible. 

An ill-prepared electronic recycler, on the other hand, can turn it into a hassle and make you feel like it’s not worth your time. We have heard too many stories of mishaps on this important day. The customized form straightens out all question marks in advance and sets you up for success from the very beginning. 

Test, repair, sanitize

First of all, we transport your ITAD assets to our secure testing facility and remarketing site. We then evaluate each asset’s functionality and value. In the event an asset cannot be recovered — perhaps it’s beyond repair, or too dated for resale — it will be recycled. 

Once our experts have refurbished and tested the assets, they are only one step away from entering the resale market. To protect the integrity of your brand and prevent data leaks, we also sanitize your data to the NIST 800-88 standard for data security. Now, they are ready for the next step of ITAD recycling: remarketing. 

Time for remarketing

GER has a long history of establishing sales channels and successfully leveraging sales in secondary markets. Depending on the nature of your assets, we use retail and/or bulk sales channels to yield the best possible price. Our experience and established channels also give yet another advantage. It allows us to successfully remarket a very high percentage as well as a wide variety of customer assets. 

So, what’s the most in-demand? 

Two trends stand out: 

  • Testing and lab equipment: This type of equipment retains a significant portion of its value, making it an ideal candidate for remarketing. It’s also not a common sight in secondary markets, mostly because many recyclers don’t know how to remarket these products. Low inventory coupled with high demand translates into a win for you. 
  • Laptops: Laptop sales are skyrocketing. Driven by the pandemic, global shipments of laptops reached 218 million in 2020, a 26% year-over-year bump. Even as we have put the height of the work-from-home days behind us, that figure has continued to grow and is expected to hit 225 million in 2021. Massive demand coupled with supply chain disruptions have made the remarketing of laptops a very worthwhile endeavor. 

Detailed report

We know the importance of reporting when it comes to ITAD recycling. Local, state, and federal regulatory bodies all demand different sets of data. Then, you also have your internal supply chain management demands to take into account. 

To make your life easy, we create a detailed inventory with the serial number, make, model, asset tag, and other relevant information that allows you to reconcile the recovered assets against your records. You also get a certificate of erasure for data-bearing devices. 

Revenue sharing

Here comes the best part. Your end-of-life assets that you had no use for have turned into a new revenue stream. We split the profits from the sale of your devices — 50/50. 

How can we help you get your ITAD recycling started?

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