What IT asset disposition companies are best suited to remarket specialty equipment? Look for calibration partners, resale ratings, and more.

Not all IT asset disposition companies have the expertise to remarket test and lab equipment. However, if you do have such equipment, it’s important to note it often retains a significant portion of its value. 

Depending on demand, specialty equipment can yield thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in secondary markets. It’s, in other words, worth your time finding an ITAD partner that specializes in remarketing these products. Unlike laptops, desktops, smartphones, and other standard office equipment, specialty equipment serves niche markets. And niche markets require a different set of resale skills

Whether your organization is using test, measurement, and monitoring products for industrial electronics applications, wireless communication, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, network troubleshooting, or medical research, you will, at some point, need to upgrade or replace obsolete equipment. 

What IT asset disposition company is right for the job? How can you decipher which company has the capabilities to deliver the best possible return on the resale of your test and lab equipment?

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Getting rid of test and lab equipment? How to best recoup value with the right ITAD company

Expert technicians

The first step to the successful resale of test and lab equipment starts long before the equipment hits secondary markets. To make the most of the equipment, it needs to be in the best condition possible. This means testing and refurbishing prior to resale play key roles in the success. 

Needless to say, testing and refurbishing such specialized products demand more than the expertise of your everyday technician. Your organization needs technicians with in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities associated with specific brands. Such technicians know exactly how to test and refurbish products from, for example, Rohde & Schwarz, Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Keysight, Fluke, Tektronix, Anritsu, and more. 

Calibration partners 

Again, the difference in value between a product that works to perfection and one that fails to deliver is significant. When you search for the right IT asset disposition companies, take a closer look at their partnerships. In the resale of test and lab equipment, partnerships with calibration labs, in particular, speak to the quality of service that you should expect. 

Fully equipped testing lab

Expert technicians cannot do their job without access to the right equipment. They need to be able to test your products. And they need to be able to analyze product functionality to make any necessary repairs. Consequently, as part of your research, ensure your prospective partner operates a fully equipped in-house lab. 

Resale ratings

So, your equipment has been tested, refurbished, and is ready for resale. What do the resale channels look like? How do previous buyers rate the process? How many reviews have your ITAD partner garnered? The answers to those questions provide a clear indication of the potential for revenue capture. In other words, the record of a test equipment reseller with more than 30,000 five-star reviews speaks for itself. 

FMV purchasing available

Sometimes, there are circumstances that may make it more expedient for you to sell your equipment outright. Perhaps, you prefer to be paid fast rather than wait for products to sell. In that case, make sure you select an IT asset disposition company that offers purchasing at fair market value. 

Concierge service

You likely hire an ITAD company for a few reasons — to help you swiftly part with your specialty equipment and to recoup as much value as possible. If your prospect only offers cookie-cutter solutions or is less than forthcoming about the whole process, the end result will suffer. Put differently, concierge service centered around your needs and the requirements of the equipment will set you up for success. 

Test and lab equipment needs more than your average ITAD company. By making sure your partner meets the unique demands of this market, your organization can maximize returns. 

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