With global participation each year, Earth Day is a great reminder for everyone worldwide to reflect on how we can improve our respective environmental footprints.

As Earth Day approaches on April 22—and with the ever-increasing importance of developing sustainable approaches to waste—now may be a good time to evaluate how to incorporate an e waste management strategy and position your business as a sustainability leader.

What is the importance of Earth Day?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Earth Day was created in 1969 as a “day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.” Earth Day was originally a response to a large oil spill near Santa Barbara, California. Initially, it centered on raising public consciousness about pollution and its effects on land and wildlife. In the years following the inaugural Earth Day, this date has grown in importance for efforts to quell environmental impact and devastation. 

Since its inception, Earth Day has served to keep environmental concerns at the forefront of the national and global agenda. One of the most significant results of these efforts was the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This holiday has also been the catalyst for several legislative actions that have improved environmental practices globally. Around 1 billion people take part in Earth Day activities around the world every year, including participation in events, gatherings and demonstrations.

This year’s theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” focuses on building a healthier economy by incorporating business practices that are beneficial both for business and environment. According to Earth Day organizers, companies who follow Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards are “seeing better profitability, stronger financial performance, and happier performance.” This year’s theme will encourage more businesses to incorporate environmentally responsible actions and “going green” as a win-win solution. 

Why is an e waste management strategy important?

Statistics overwhelmingly show that environmental action is needed now more than ever before. People today use about 50 percent more natural resources than they did 30 years ago. And annual temperatures across the nation have been warming at an alarming rate over the past decade. Many plant and animal species go extinct daily due to the impact of humans. Additionally, population growth will increase demands on natural resources over the next several years. 

In turn, this puts pressure on business and corporate executives to take a closer look at how resources are managed. With greater visibility and interest in environmental responsibility, more business leaders, customers and clients are demanding that businesses practice sustainably. In fact, many large corporations now hire sustainability officers whose sole purpose includes improving corporate environmental impact. 

One way businesses are tackling sustainability strategies is by partnering with recycling companies to create e waste management strategies to responsibly dispose of electronic waste. Having an e waste management strategy can position your business as a sustainability leader within your respective industry. Differentiating yourself from your competitors by assuring clients and vendors that you are correctly discarding and reducing your corporate e waste can give your business a significant competitive advantage. 

How can I become a sustainability leader?

This year’s Earth Day can be the catalyst to launch your business into becoming a crucial environmental advocate through actions such as proper management of your e waste. This can be a simple—but important—step in decreasing your environmental footprint.

Make a commitment to responsibly recycle and repurpose your business’s used electronics by partnering with a trusted electronics recycler. If you’re looking to get started on your e waste management strategy and show your customers and competitors your investment in a better Earth, contact us today.

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