How do you turn computer recycling pickup into a flawless routine? Look to your electronics recycler for help. 

Late arrivals, confusion, inadequate pickup equipment. Many companies are dealing with issues on computer recycling pickup day. That’s unfortunate since it really shouldn’t be a hassle. 

What does the ideal pickup process look like? We’ll go through the major telltale features in this post.

Packaging: instructions and materials are easily available

It takes more than guesswork to know how to package IT assets ready for corporate electronic recycling. Yet, the issue is important from a regulatory perspective (shipping batteries, for instance). And it’s also important from the perspective of preserving value; if the assets were intact when you packaged them but they arrive broken, they will be that much harder to resell. 

In this situation, your electronics recycler has a crucial role to play. First of all, no recycler should count on a business to keep an array of packaging materials in-house at all times. We know space is typically tight and storing gaylord boxes and other necessary items is rarely feasible. This is especially true for smaller sites. At the same time, the unavailability of packaging materials can slow down pickup and cause retired assets to accumulate.  

So, what’s the solution?

We have found a quick and easy way to help clients prepare. To improve the process for a large OEM, for example, we prepared an online supply request form that enabled sites to request next-day delivery of gaylord boxes, pallets, packaging tape, and shrinkwrap (you can never have too much of the latter). The speedy delivery means sites can easily package items and schedule a pickup for the following day. 

In addition, we provide detailed instructions to make sure your regulatory obligations are met and your assets arrive at our facility in great condition. In sum, to turn computer recycling pickup into a flawless routine (or pick up of any IT assets for that matter), convenient access to packaging is step one. 

Preparation: Nothing left to chance

When preparation falters, prepare for a potential logistical nightmare. Again, your recycler should be at your service to help you sort it all out in advance of pickup day. 

As we chronicled in this case study, we came to the aid of a global OEM which struggled with too many recyclers and procedures. For example, in that case, electronic waste recycling staff spent a lot of time sorting out what items should be sent to a recycler, which recycler should receive them, and what documents — such as certificates of recycling and asset lists — they should collect. The confusion left the process vulnerable to error.

Similarly, an unprepared electronics recycling partner can add to the confusion. If your partner sends the wrong pick-up equipment, fails to take site variations into account, and neglects to show up at the agreed time, odds do not favor a successful completion of the job. 

So, how can computer recycling pickup day run smoothly?

The answer really starts with your electronics recycler. What kind of procedures do your recycler employ to eliminate the risk of mishaps? To pull an example from our own practices:  When it comes to the OEM mentioned above, we created an intuitive pickup request form, tailored around the needs of each site. 

The form used branching logic to filter out questions that did not pertain to the site at hand. For instance, a form designed for a site with no loading dock included no questions on whether the recycler would need a liftgate or enter through an elevator since they would be irrelevant. The form also let the client site identify the types of electronics that would be sent. As a result, it allowed us to help the site determine how to safely ship the items and to provide guidance on specific packaging materials.

All in all, the customized pickup request forms along with the forms for next-day-supply delivery transformed the day-to-day work at the sites. Backups and disorder gave way to swift preparation and shipping of retired assets. 

How can we help you perfect computer recycling pickup? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a full spectrum of corporate electronic recycling services.

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