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Secure data destruction is indeed a crucial step in the disposition of your end-of-life electronic assets. These assets contain data that, if not correctly destroyed, puts your company and customers at risk. Most importantly, improperly destroyed data could result in regulatory violations and fines. 

We consequently offer a full suite of data destruction services to ensure your data is completely irrecoverable. Moreover, each method is in compliance with data destruction standards, including NIST 800-88, HIPAA, and DoD 5220.22-M 

Our team of experts is trained by the military in top-secret and classified-asset destruction. That is to say, they leverage the latest in data destruction software and hardware to satisfy all of your data sanitization, security, corporate, and reporting requirements. Additionally, data destruction reports and certificates authenticate that we deliver on all promises.  

For your most sensitive assets, take advantage of our three-phase witnessed destruction process. In this method, we shear, shred, or pulverize each asset to the required specifications.

A Note About NIST 800-88

In recent years, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 800-88 has emerged as the leading standard for data erasure compliance. Read our quick guide to the NIST 800-88 Data Destruction Standard.

Our NIST 800-88 Data Destruction Methods

The nature of your data and your business determine which data destruction method is right for you. We, thus, offer the following: 

NIST 800-88 Hard Drive Shredding

How does hard drive shredding work? We remove hard drives from the device (computer, laptop, server) and place them in our Untha Industrial Shredder. This top-of-the-line device shreds hard drives to NIST 800-88 and the DIN 66399-2 standards, renders them completely destroyed and the data completely unrecoverable. We then recycle the debris.

When should you select hard drive shredding? This method is typically ideal for highly secure and sensitive data, related to finance, national security, and patient privacy (HIPAA). When regulations prevent resale, hard drive shredding services remove all uncertainty since there’s simply no way of rebuilding a shredded drive.

NIST 800-Hard Drive & Network Equipment Erasure/Wiping (NIST Clear & Purge Method)

Cybercriminal experts can easily find deleted files on your hard drive. So, deletion is not enough to protect your data and achieve absolute data destruction. In erasure/wiping, we use sophisticated, secure data erasure software and machinery. This method generates no e waste, which means you can indeed reuse the storage media.  

Blancco Drive Eraser software and hardware ensures the integrity of data sanitization. Furthermore, Blancco is the most certified erasure software —  more than 15 governing bodies and leading organizations around the world, including NIST, approve and recommend it. The Blancco hard drive erasure process delivers: 1) Firmware level erasure, including multiple random overwrites that fill the drive’s entire logical capacity, freeze lock removal, and full data sanitization verification; 2) Validation as an operational device ready for resale; 3) Stored reports that certify and prove the secure erasure of the drive.  

With erasure, the hard drive retains its useful life. Therefore, you can remarket it, increasing your opportunity to increase IT asset recovery value. Secure data erasure backed with documented erasure validation guarantee the asset can safely enter secondary markets. The validation includes, for example, the serial number, showing proof that drive was completely erased and data is irrecoverable.

Things to consider 

Weigh these differences between shredding and data wiping: 1) the cost of destruction; and 2) potential resale payment for erased drives. We will help you evaluate the options to find the right method for optimal IT asset recovery. 

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data destruction services: witnessed destruction

Witnessed destruction provides extra reassurance that everything is done by the book. So, our military-trained and classified-asset-destruction team is on-site to protect your brand name and sensitive data every step of the way. Additionally, our secure chain of custody includes a fully auditable paper trail, end-to-end visibility, and a Certificate of Destruction. 

Transportation + Delivery

Firstly, our team loads your electronic assets into a secured vehicle. Then, we seal and monitor this truck from the time it leaves your facility to the moment it arrives at our loading dock.  

Witnessed Delivery Verification

The seal remains intact until your witness arrives. Then, our data destruction experts break the seal and bring your electronic assets into our facility. Finally, they count the pieces and verify the weight.   

Witnessed Destruction

Moreover, cameras monitor the entire process. We then destroy each asset to the required specifications by shearing, shredding, or pulverizing. Your witness, in the meantime, observes and verifies that we successfully destroy each electronic asset. 

Our data destruction methods comply with the NIST 800-88 standard to ensure complete data destruction. And, for added peace of mind, you receive a full data verification report and any relevant certificates. This includes an end-of-use certificate, DLA Form 1822, a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), and a Certificate of Sanitization (COS) that captures and lists the serial numbers of sanitized drives. 

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