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In September 2022, financial giant Morgan Stanley agreed to a $35 million settlement for failing to protect the personal identifying information (PII) of approximately 15 million customers over a five-year period. 

The Morgan Stanley data breaches, along with other recent data breaches among large retailers, are a chilling warning of what could happen for businesses who don’t properly dispose of electronics and personal data. These IT asset disposition errors made by Morgan Stanley bring to light the importance of protecting your business from similarly costly mistakes by partnering with a certified electronics recycler. 

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From R2-recycling insights to our take on the year’s most infamous data breach case, let us present the top electronic recycling blog posts of 2021. 

The countdown is on and we’re not only talking about the new year. Since the launch of the Global Electronic Recycling blog in March, we have published one post a week. Now, it’s time to sum up and take stock. Which topics piqued the interest of readers the most? 

10, 9, 8…let’s cue the top 10 winners of electronic recycling blog posts in 2021.

10. How to turn laptop recycling into a potential revenue stream

One of your biggest company woes can, if you take the right steps, turn into a potential revenue stream. Among all your end-of-life electronic equipment, you may not be aware that one piece, in particular, is in especially high demand in secondary markets — laptops. It can, in other words, pay to make sure you get laptop recycling right. Read the post here.

9. What it takes to be the Zappos of electronics recycling

No brand symbolizes ease of shopping, shipping, and returns as much as Zappos. The online shoe and clothing retailer has made customer service the hallmark of its brand. Wouldn’t you be intrigued if a B2B electronics recycling specialist applied the same principles to its client relationships? If you have e scrap awaiting recycling, why not make it easy on yourself and choose a Zappos-like experience instead of a major hassle? Read the post here. 

8. For optimal IT asset recovery, consider alternatives to degaussing

Degaussing is a common practice to destroy discarded hard drives on site. The urge to be cautious is understandable. But, the process renders the drives unusable and, consequently, bad for recouping value in secondary markets. If increasing IT asset recovery is the goal, entrust the task of data sanitization to your electronics recycler. Read the post here.

7. Watch: E waste recycling — the Life Cycle of a Laptop

Do you know what corporate electronic recycling looks like put to practice? In this brand-new video, you get to follow the journey of a laptop, from the point of manufacturing to raw material recovery. You probably already have some understanding of where everyday items come from, but most of us are so far removed from the process that we might only have a rough idea for a lot of the products we use every day. Read the post and watch the video here.

6. Want to become a sustainability leader? Your corporate e waste strategy matters 

Among corporate buzzwords, “sustainability” is here to stay. The drive to build a sustainable operation is not only a moral imperative, consumers also reward companies that show a real commitment to doing what’s right for the environment, according to several studies. Here’s a chance for your company to make a real impact, both from positioning yourself as a sustainability leader and reaping the financial benefits of strategic resource recovery. Read the post here.

5. Dealing with too many electronics recyclers, a global OEM took these steps to improve e waste management 

A global operation is by its sheer size always challenging to manage. Hundreds of sites in different countries — all of different sizes and designed for different purposes — demand an organization in control of every piece of the puzzle. That’s why this leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sought out Global Electronic Recycling for help to improve e waste management. The biggest headache that the OEM urgently had to address? The use of too many electronics recyclers. Read the post here and the case study.

4. When should you pursue hard drive shredding services? 

Looking for hard drive shredding services? You’re in good company. Hard drive shredding is often the default option for many businesses. Some like the idea of knowing their end-of-life IT assets have been physically destroyed beyond repair. Others may be prevented by regulations to select another method that leaves resale on the table. Regardless of where you fall, it can be helpful to consider your options. 

Read the post here

3. E waste recycling 101: Watch this video to get started

What does it take to learn the basics about e waste recycling? Try 8 minutes.  In this new video, we walk you through all you need to know to get started or to improve the way you recycle your retired electronic devices. Consider it your roadmap to maximizing value, reducing costs, and minimizing your environmental impact as you pursue what no modern and environmentally-conscious business can do without: e waste recycling. Read the post and watch the video here

2. Evaluating ITAD companies and other lessons from the Morgan Stanley data breach

Trying to turn the decommissioning of retired IT assets into a “profit center” can have dire consequences. Just ask Morgan Stanley.  Lawyers for the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit allege the financial services giant ignored industry standards when it cut loose its long-standing ITAD partner to save money. Instead, the firm chose the “poor man’s wipe” to  sanitize its equipment. Read the post here.

Drum roll…and the most read electronic recycling blog post of 2021 is:

1. Watch: Why R2 recycling is so important

Nothing underscores the importance of R2 recycling more than the recent Morgan Stanley data breach. The multinational financial services company and investment bank terminated a contract with its trusted ITAD partner in favor of a company with no experience in the business of sanitizing end-of-life IT assets. Read the post and watch the video here

What will rise to the top in 2022? You decide. Follow us here and on social media for the latest updates.

Bonus read: Take a sneak peek at our e-book that we have yet to cover on the blog — How E-Waste Can Make Your Company a Sustainability Leader 

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