B2B electronics recycling should be as easy as shoe shopping. Yes, really. 

No brand symbolizes ease of shopping, shipping, and returns as much as Zappos. The online shoe and clothing retailer has made customer service the hallmark of its brand. Wouldn’t you be intrigued if a B2B electronics recycling specialist applied the same principles to its client relationships?

If you have corporate e waste awaiting recycling, why not make it easy on yourself and choose a Zappos-like experience instead of a major hassle?

What would it be like to partner with a Zappos of B2B electronics recycling? Keep reading.

Your needs come first

If you’ve ever shopped at Zappos, you know the product selection is enormous. Luckily, you’re not asked to browse millions of random items. With the help of categories and filters, you quickly narrow down your search to the products that you came there for (ex: taupe lace-up work boots in leather). In a sense, you can say the site is listening to you.

The GER way

Expect the same accommodating treatment when you talk to us at Global Electronic Recycling. To help us know exactly what you’re looking for, we take the time to listen to your needs. 

  • How can GER help you solve your electronic waste challenges and goals? 
  • What is most important to you and your organization? 
  • What are your goals for sustainability, brand image protection, data and IP security and recovery value? 

Each question brings us closer to the best solution. 

You always find the perfect fit

Let’s say you’re searching for size 8 sneakers. Since you’re struggling with knee pain, they need to have solid ankle support and shock-absorbing features. But the store where you bought your previous pair — that you frankly were never that happy with — only offers a few options and none seem to match what you need. Enter Zappos. 

The GER way

At GER, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Your needs are unique. Whether it’s the volume and composition of your e-waste, the design of your facility, or the regulatory requirements, it demands a customized solution. Why cram your foot into a size 7 when you can get the perfect fit by going to the right store? 

For complete satisfaction, we tailor our corporate electronic recycling solutions around your needs, not the other way around. When you come to GER, we do the hard work — so you don’t have to:

  • Sustainability & Compliance ensures the solution meets your objectives, environmental and regulatory requirements 
  • Logistics determines the best freight strategy for your project 
  • Operations maps out the efficiency and execution of the solution 
  • ITAD evaluates maximizing the value of repurposing your assets 
  • Custom online pickup request and reporting are designed by GER, tailored to your unique needs 
  • Together we collaborate with your team to and finalize MSAs, SOPs, work orders, and legal requirements.

Everything is so easy

In addition to the huge selection, shoppers return to Zappos for the ease of the entire transaction. If that perfect pair remained in the warehouse for weeks before it appeared on your doorstep, you’d have no reason to shop at the site. 

In fact, the retailer built its brand on making it easy for customers. Shopping should be a source of joy, not sweat. Buying an item at Zappos is as easy as returning it. Print-out labels, straightforward instructions —  it’s all part of the winning package. 

The GER way

We leverage the same strategy at GER. If there’s one line we keep hearing from our current customers it’s, “You make it so easy.” And why shouldn’t it be? As a B2B electronics recycling expert, we’re here to take the hassle off your hands. 

The transaction is designed to be swift, seamless, and, yes, easy. We know how to establish clear-cut processes and dedicated lines of communication to make everything from pickup day to reporting as easy as hitting the “Buy Now” button. (For more information on our work in action, make sure to read this case study.)

Here’s the essence of our precision execution:

  • Your first shipment is scheduled by our Logistics Team, GER handles all of the details for you. Our tailored pickup forms 
  • We receive, assess your items, recycle, repair, re-sell and audit in accordance with the agreed solution. 
  • Your custom reports, settlements, statements and certificates are delivered to you electronically. 

Service above all

The No. 1 core value of Zappos goes like this: “Deliver WOW through service.” 

The GER way

What does that look like for a B2B electronics recycling company? For GER, it means guaranteeing 5-star service. Just like Zappos, we’re here to wow you and deliver on our promises. 

Unless you’re 100% satisfied, we donate $500 to The Clean Earth Foundation, a charity focusing on preserving the health and future of our oceans and forests through cleanups, environmental initiatives and environmental education. Client relationships are everything to us. 

Values lead the way

Kedar Deshpande, the Zappos CEO, recently said brands will be more successful when they can showcase their values. We couldn’t agree more. 

The GER way

That’s why GER decided to pursue a B-Corporation Certification. Certified B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. With a B-Corporation Certification, GER will join the likes of Patagonia, Stonyfield, Eileen Fisher, and close to 4,000 other companies across 150 industries that have committed to using profits and growth to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy. 

GER is the Zappos of B2B electronics recycling. We’d love to be part of your team. 

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