With e waste management challenges stacking up, this global provider of home internet connectivity solutions knew action was needed.

A global operation is by its sheer size always challenging to manage. Hundreds of sites in different countries — all of different sizes and designed for different purposes — demand an organization in control of every piece of the puzzle. 

That’s why this leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sought out Global Electronic Recycling for help to improve e waste management. A leading provider of home internet connectivity solutions, the OEM had over the past decade expanded its global footprint through several mergers and acquisitions. But as the organization grew, so did the challenges. 

The biggest headache that the OEM urgently had to address? The use of too many electronics recyclers. 

In this new case study, we detail the areas that the OEM was struggling with, the changes that the Global team implemented, and the dramatic impact it had on improving e waste management. 

Could your current e waste management get better?

The challenges that this OEM faced will ring familiar to any organization that is trying to manage multiple electronics recyclers. If your organization, like the OEM, has a global or nationwide scope, you may have taken a piecemeal approach to electronics recycling. So, you may have added a provider here and a provider there, as needs arise. 

Perhaps, you are able to manage electronics recycling for now, but the question is if your current process leaves room for significant improvements?

When we set out to identify each challenge that had to be addressed to improve e waste management for the OEM, the Global team quickly established there would be no one-size-fits-all solution. The scope included not only hundreds of sites, but also multiple recyclers at each location. To further complicate matters, each facility required a different approach to recycling. 

Devising a customized solution

The challenges certainly spanned a wide range of areas:

  • Site variation
  • Logistics
  • Environmental compliance
  • Brand protection
  • Financial
  • Ease of use
  • Communication

Global took it all into consideration and devised a step-by-step plan. Each site demanded a customized solution; yet, it also had to contribute to the overall goal of establishing transparency, accountability, and cohesive procedures for electronics recycling across the entire organization. 

The solution had to be both simple for the client at site level and robust enough to meet the requirements of the OEM’s Environmental Health and Safety department (EHS) and the security and financial departments. As the OEM assessed the results, the multi-pronged solution had a profound impact on the operation of each site as well as the overall organization. 

For all the details and the results, take a look at our case study. And, if you want to learn more about corporate electronic recycling, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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