The task of recycling data center equipment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Certified IT asset disposition (ITAD) service providers can make the process easy. Here’s what you need to know.

Is your data center being upgraded, or is it currently undergoing the closure process? Finding a solution for your decommissioned data center equipment can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’ll explore the world of data center equipment removal and ITAD services, with an emphasis on their benefits and addressing common questions.

What is Data Center Equipment Recycling and ITAD?

Data center equipment recycling and ITAD services are specialized offerings provided by certified IT asset disposition companies. The aim of these services is to simplify the disposal of end-of-life IT assets. Instead of businesses dealing with the logistics of delivering or dropping off their equipment, reliance can be placed on reputable firms like Global Electronic Recycling (GER), known for its white-glove concierge service, “Tech Takedown.” Through this program, data center equipment removal can be scheduled at the convenience of clients. Trained professionals, equipped with packaging supplies, logistics plans, and expertise, will visit the location to handle all aspects of the process.

How Will Data Center Equipment Removal and ITAD Work for Your Business?

For those contemplating the integration of data center equipment recycling, removal and ITAD services into their data center management strategy, here are some of the common questions asked:

What are the Costs Associated With Data Center Recycling Services?

Many projects incur no costs for clients of ITAD Companies like Global Electronic Recycling. Before the commencement of the removal process, equipment is evaluated, and a comprehensive estimate of expenses is provided. Most data center equipment retains value in secondary markets.  An expert ITAD company will be able to offer you credits for your equipment that often offsets the cost of the service, allowing you to receive money back for your decommissioned data center equipment.

What happens if the data center equipment is damaged or contains sensitive data?

Responsible recycling practices must be strictly adhered to by R2v3 Certified ITAD Companies. Functional devices undergo rigorous data sanitization compliant to NIST 800-88 standards, with irreparable items securely shredded for data protection. Certificates of data destruction will be provided to you.

How much can I expect to  received for my data center equipment?

For resalable items, you should expect 50% of their resale value to be offered.  Some ITAD companies offer data destruction, testing, repairs & remarketing without additional fees, while others may charge for each service separately. Alternatively, most ITAD’s can make an offer based on fair market value instead of waiting for items to sell if you prefer.

How is the process initiated?

Contact an ITAD Company who specializes in data center equipment recycling to discuss the removal site, how the equipment will be removed, equipment details, and expectations is the first step. Following the consultation, review the estimate and target date for the when and how service will be provided.  Be sure to make your expectations clear and always ask for proof of data destruction for your decommissioned data center equipment.

In Conclusion

Data center equipment removal and ITAD services offer an efficient and hassle-free way to recycle data center assets. By leveraging these services, a more sustainable future is contributed to, while also streamlining the organization’s e-waste management strategy. Don’t let outdated data center equipment become a burden. Professional data center equipment removal and ITAD services are readily available to you.

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