Thinking about decluttering and reorganizing your business in the new year? Need help prioritizing which IT assets to part with and how to do it securely and responsibly? 

With the importance of secure data destruction, it’s best to utilize an R2 certified recycling partner when looking to part with your retired IT assets. Find out more about how IT asset disposition works and how asset recovery solutions can help you reclaim surprising value in the new year.

New year, new office

The end of year is a significant milestone for every office. Typically, it’s when businesses review budgets, finances, staffing, goals and objectives, and refresh for the upcoming year. This might also be a good touchpoint to assess what IT assets need to be retired, updated or replaced safely and securely.

Not only can removing and refreshing your office equipment help to update your office space and streamline your business operations, but it can also provide a lucrative revenue stream to help support other initiatives within your organization. IT asset recycling can yield a good amount of reclaimed value from either parts or resale in the marketplace.

Out with the Old

Before you consider simply throwing away your used IT assets, you should first consider partnering with an R2 certified ITAD recycling partner who can safely refurbish, recycle or resell your equipment. Some companies who didn’t safely dispose of their electronic assets have faced serious fines and consequences due to new privacy laws, environmental regulations and software licensing rules.

Your first step will be to define what equipment you’ll be looking to part with as part of an IT asset inventory. Try to be specific as possible by listing any details that might be relevant to resale value. Include facts such as the make and model, type of processor, speed, memory, and hard drive makeup of each individual IT asset. Think outside of the box in your list: Include copiers, cell phones, and any other electronic device used at or even outside of your physical office. Having trouble knowing where to start with creating an asset inventory list? Your electronics recycler will work with you to obtain descriptions and/or photos of your inventory to help get the process started.

In with the New

Once you’ve created an IT asset inventory, you can share that document with a qualified electronics recycler. Your ITAD partner will work with you to determine which of your IT assets can be refurbished or resold, which can be recycled for parts, and what equipment will need to be entirely destroyed. From that, you’ll be able to get a rough estimate of cost and/or what profit you might expect to see from your used electronics. 

Whether your devices are deemed fit for refurbishment or simply sold for parts, a well-established ITAD recycling company should be certified to properly destroy all data on your device. Your ITAD partner can then provide you with certificates and verification that you have properly complied with all environmental and privacy laws and securely disposed of your IT assets. This will help your business avoid costly fines and legal battles that could ensue if private business, brand or customer data is eventually leaked. 

Ringing in the New Year with IT Asset Recycling

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your IT assets, create a revenue stream, or refresh your technology for the new year, ITAD is a smart financial move for savvy businesses. Crossing this major IT project off your list will free up time and energy to focus on other goals in the new year. 

Your retired IT assets can carry a lot of legal and environmental liability for your organization. When you partner with a responsible IT asset recycler, however, the ITAD process can provide additional revenue and value for your future business endeavors. For more information on how you can safely and responsibly dispose of your spent IT assets and declutter your office, contact us today.

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