Asset remarketing is an often-overlooked solution when it comes to electronic device disposition. You may believe your old computer or tablet is destined for the junkyard—or, at the very least, to be recycled for parts. However, it could hold surprising value if refurbished and resold. 

Learn how an experienced electronic recycling partner can leverage experience and established channels to get your business the most value from your retired IT assets as part of the ITAD recycling process.

What is ‘Asset Remarketing’?

First, let’s explore the concept of asset remarketing. In simple terms, IT asset remarketing is taking a used device and reselling it for a return on investment. This allows you to recover or recoup some amount of the funds you initially invested in your IT assets.

Typically, devices reach the end of their usefulness to a business when they malfunction, fail to support updated software, or are deemed retired as part of a tech refresh program. Rather than tossing unwanted electronics in the trash bin or paying a company to dispose of electronics with no monetary return, using IT asset remarketing allows you to profit from technology assets that have remaining life and value. 

Benefits of IT Asset Remarketing

One of the primary benefits of IT asset remarketing is that it can lower your total cost of electronics ownership. Reselling end-of-life IT assets provides businesses a potential revenue source from retired IT assets that might otherwise earn nothing from sitting in a trash heap. In fact, the secondary market for IT equipment is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. 

Using this method of IT asset disposition also provides peace of mind that your business is making an environmentally responsible decision. By essentially recycling your retired IT assets in the resale process, you are minimizing the environmental impact of electronic waste (e waste). 

How it Works

A qualified electronics recycler can help you assess what IT equipment may be salvaged or refurbished versus recycled once it reaches the end of its usefulness for your organization. Assets are carefully reviewed based on age, condition and potential value based on current industry standards. 

Then, electronics recycling experts can rigorously sanitize and refurbish devices—depending on their condition—to be ready and safe for resale. Once a device is prepared for resale, the asset can be listed and sold in the marketplace so your organization can recover some costs in the remarketed components. Some of the available channels to sell your old electronics include retail, auction, ecommerce, or wholesale buyers, with specific channels potentially yielding higher returns than others.  

How E Waste Management Can Help

Your business can save valuable time, energy and resources on IT asset remarketing by partnering with an electronics recycler and creating an e waste management strategy. Electronics recyclers leverage extensive experience and established marketing channels to maximize the value from your spent electronics. These companies have a network of buyers and multiple direct sales channels that you would otherwise not be able to access on your own.

Additionally, an electronics recycler can ensure data security and compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. These experts use a secure logistics process and certified data destruction services when removing and remarketing electronic devices, so your business can have a data trail to reference if needed for compliance purposes.

Regardless of the condition of your end-of-life electronics, it can pay to consult with experts first before assuming your electronics are worthless. If your company is considering IT asset remarketing as a potential revenue stream, contact Global Electronics Recycling today to schedule an assessment based on your unique organizational needs. 

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