As the value of IT recycling is increasingly clear to businesses, questions turn practical: ‘How soon can we get started?’

When you have spent decades serving businesses in the IT recycling space, you become well versed in customer needs and concerns. A few questions, in particular, tend to come up. In this post, we’ll give the quick answers to help move you along toward your goal of maximized asset recovery and expedient corporate electronic recycling.

Whether you represent defense, aerospace, healthcare, telecommunications, electronics manufacturing or other tech-heavy industries, the questions we get are often practical in nature. 

Most organizations are, these days, well informed about the need and value of IT asset disposition and recycling. Test and lab equipment, data centers, network equipment, computers, laptops — the list goes on — do, after all, hold varying degrees of resale value that no savvy organization wants to pass up. Add environmental considerations and a range of regulations for the safe disposal of electronics, and IT recycling becomes a priority. 

Then, questions arise.   

  1. Will we get paid? 
  2. Can this project be done?
  3. How soon can we get started?
  4. What if we don’t have a loading dock?

The answers to your questions about IT recycling 

Will we get paid?

Interestingly, this is a question many businesses understandably want an answer to but are afraid to ask. Nevertheless, rest assured, this is a very legitimate question. As the conversation proceeds, the topic of payment eventually comes up. Of course, you need to know whether you can expect to get paid for your retired IT assets. 

The answer goes like this: You will get paid scrap value for anything torn down that does not incur a charge. Also, we can pay out for re-marketable items based on their current fair market value. 

This is what the process typically looks like for used IT equipment: 

We provide total IT asset disposition services through our Secure ITAD Program. Our win-win revenue sharing model works like this:

1. We test, repair, and sanitize data on your equipment.

2. We sell the equipment via our 5-star rated resale channels.

3. You get paid for the items sold.

Follow-up questions? Here are the answers:
  • Can you buy my devices outright? Yes! We can make you an offer at fair market value if you prefer not to have to wait for them to sell. 
  • What if my device is broken? We will responsibly recycle the device and send you a certificate of recycling. 
  • What if there’s data on my device? We sanitize to NIST 800-88 standards. Too damaged? We’ll shred it. Your data is safe.

Can this project be done?

The short answer: Yes, we can make any project happen — if cost is not an issue.

Now, let’s elaborate because there are additional factors that you will need to consider. The fact that we can take on any IT recycling project can bring a sense of relief. If your business has complex, random, or urgent needs to part with unwanted IT assets, it’s good to know there’s a certified, experienced electronic recycling company that can provide swift service. 

GER has over the past few decades built a large network of reliable partners and business connections. When a project comes before us, it springs into action if needed. That agility enables us to serve you at all times. If it, for example, involves transporting assets across the country, costs will inevitably rise. But you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is doable. 

How soon can we get started?

“Concierge service” and “the GER team” didn’t enter our company vocabulary by accident. These are the principles that drive all of our customer interactions. We work as a team to create customized solutions that make IT recycling easy. Part of our pledge is expedience. When you contact us, you have a need that typically cannot wait. We respond accordingly. 

In other words, we move quickly if that’s what you need. Here’s what it often looks like:

  • First phone call: We accomplish a lot during a single call or a short email exchange. The entire process, from getting on-boarded to scheduling a load, can be completed right away. 
  • Pickup time: After the first interaction, the pickup routinely happens about a week later. If your needs are more immediate, however, we work with you to find an earlier date, depending on your flexibility. 

What if our business does not have a loading dock?

Given that this question is among the top questions asked, the absence of a loading dock is indeed relatively common. The good news is — it’s a non-issue. If there is no loading dock, we can send a truck with a liftgate. It makes pickup easy from any type of building. 

Final word

Do you have more questions about IT recycling? Ask us. We are always here to help. 

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