If you’re in a niche market that leverages specialty electronics like test and laboratory equipment for industries such as healthcare, aerospace and defense, you may be wondering what options you have for IT asset disposition.

Many businesses with specialized lab or test equipment are surprised to find that by partnering with the right ITAD experts they can not only rid themselves of the burden of equipment storage and disposal, but also pocket a sizable amount of resale value. 

Wondering just how to get started with IT asset disposition in your specialized industry? Here are just a few important things to look for in an ITAD partner when it comes time to dispose of specialty equipment, and how you may be able to remarket and recoup some of your significant investments.

Can Your Specialty Equipment Be Worth Money?

Specialty equipment such as test, measurement and monitoring products often require frequent upgrading or replacing to remain useful and relevant in various industries. This equipment can quickly become obsolete, which means you might be stuck with the headache of disposing of large batches of equipment meant to serve a very small niche market.

The good news? Your specialty equipment may be worth a hefty sum to the right company looking for a discounted resale option for a specific product. While it depends on demand, specialty electronics such as test or lab equipment may be worth thousands in secondary markets. 

Actually realizing that resale value, however, takes support from resale experts who specialize in remarketing products within niche markets such as industrial, wireless, manufacturing, networking, medical, or aerospace and defense industries. Partnering with the right IT asset disposition partner can help you retain a significant portion of the value of your specialized products.

What Should You Look for with an ITAD Partner?

Remarketing and maximizing the value of specialized products such as test and lab equipment requires expertise that not all IT asset disposition companies have. Beyond the normal experience that a remarketing technician would employ, the right ITAD company would need to be versed in how to test and refurbish specialized products in order to successfully resell them in secondary markets. 

Some other specific qualities to look for in an ITAD partner include:

  • Technicians that have in-depth knowledge of specialized brands and products in various industries
  • A company that retains strong partnerships with expert calibration labs
  • Access to a fully equipped testing lab to perform tests and make repairs as necessary
  • Resale ratings and five-star reviews from previous buyers in resale channels
  • Knowledge of resale markets that cater to specialized industries and equipment
  • Options for offering fair market value for your equipment in advance of selling on the resale market
  • Concierge services tailored to your company’s specific equipment needs
  • Convenience of onsite equipment pickup and disposal

Ideally, the right ITAD partner for you will possess all of these skill sets and resources to recover the best value for your products.

Benefits of ITAD for Test and Lab Equipment

Once a partnership is established with the right IT asset disposition company, your equipment can be tested, calibrated and repaired to the ideal working order. Then, your specialty equipment can be marketed and resold to niche buyers in secondary markets. The buyer benefits from a discounted rate of a product that would otherwise be hard or expensive to find for retail, and you benefit from recouping a significant percentage of the sizable investment in your specialized equipment.

Disposing of and reselling specialty equipment can become a major problem if you don’t have the knowledge, expertise or time to adequately devote to remarketing. Partnering with the right IT asset disposition vendor with a background in reselling specialty equipment can make that process quick and easy. If you’re looking to make a profit from your obsolete specialty equipment—rather than allowing it to sit in storage or be disposed of improperly—contact us today

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