Businesses often use hard drives to store confidential customer, company or financial information that would be detrimental if data thieves were to access it.

When they need to dispose of electronics that have reached the end of their usefulness, it’s crucial to properly wipe or destroy the hard drive data. Otherwise, they risk legal liability, fines, and reputation damage.

Unfortunately, simply erasing data from a hard drive does not ensure complete protection. Often, trace to large amounts of data can linger long after the necessary steps to erase the information. That’s why certified electronics recyclers commonly use a technique called hard drive shredding to guarantee all traces of data are safely and securely destroyed.

What is hard drive shredding?

Hard drive shredding is an alternative method of data destruction that ensures complete destruction of sensitive information. When done by an IT asset disposition specialist, hard drive shredding renders a hard drive completely devoid of data. Once properly destroyed, one can no longer access data from any part of the hard drive disc.

To properly shred a hard drive, IT asset professionals use a mechanical hard drive shredder that physically pulverizes any casing, discs, metal or plastic on a hard drive. Then, these components are ground into extremely small particles using industrial level razor blades. This process guarantees no part of the disc or hard drive remains intact and no data on the hard drive can survive.

When is a hard drive shredding a good option?

Hard drive shredding is an option for any business looking for complete security when it comes to data destruction. But, this method is particularly good for companies that face legal regulation or liability. You might be a good candidate for hard drive shredding if your business:

  • Handles highly secure or sensitive data related to finance, security or HIPAA
  • Face state or federal regulations that require the complete destruction of data via hard drive shredding
  • Would like witnessed destruction and certification to prove secure destruction of hard drive data

Businesses who ignore the recommended avenues of data destruction face significant fines for noncompliance and penalties for not adequately protecting personal information.

Why should you use a certified electronics recycler for hard drive shredding?

In addition to peace of mind that data is completely unrecoverable, hard drive shredding with a certified partner offers several perks. Benefits of using a certified electronics recycler include:

  • Data security – An electronics recycling partner will use professional machinery that destroys hard drives more securely than more DIY methods. (Think: manually hammering or drilling hard drive casing.)
  • Convenience – Using an external partner to destroy your hard drive data helps you avoid the cost, time and hassle of purchasing an in-house hard drive shredder. And, you enjoy the added convenience of being able to pick up or drop off on your own timing.
  • Safety – Certified electronics recyclers are experts at safely and effectively handling hard drive shredders and machinery, which could otherwise be potentially dangerous and toxic for those less experienced.
  • Flexibility – With the right equipment, recycling professionals can shred a wide variety of media and electronic equipment that needs to be completely destroyed.
  • Sustainability – At the end of the hard drive shredding process, an electronics recycling partner can recycle the debris to be reused for other purposes.

Global Electronic Recycling uses a top-of-the-line industrial shredder that macerates hard drives to NIST 800-88 and the DIN 66399-2 standards. This process renders them completely destroyed and the data completely unrecoverable. We then recycle the debris. Contact our professionals today to start the process of safely and securely destroying your hard drive data.

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